About Us

Epicoa is a fanatical family of barbeque enthusiasts and is comprised of entrepreneurs who pride themselves on delivering unforgettable culinary experiences.

The Epicoa family is passionate about grilling and the barbeque community. This passion for the craft is significantly expanding the grilling industry by joining the Brazilian way of barbequing with existing grilling cultures all over the world.
Epicoa’s products are designed to promote a health-conscious, epicurean lifestyle that incorporates fellowship, high quality food, and a laid-back atmosphere. The simplistic, yet technologically advanced method of grilling utilized by Epicoa Rotisseries invites its users to step away from the grill and interact with their guests, which is encapsulated by the Epicoa motto, “Free the Grillers!”
The Epicoa team is committed to revolutionizing the grilling industry, creating a new era of barbeque. Join us on this epic adventure, welcome to the Epicoa family, and join us on our mission to change the culture of grilling!