New Venture Embarking on an Epic Journey to Revolutionize the way we Barbecue

Epicoa’s commitment is to reignite the lost culinary art of cooking with nature’s original recipe of earth, wind, and fire that yields an epic blend of mouth-watering barbacoa and elevated experiences.

Southlake, TX, July 11, 2012:  Tony Aquila, founder and CEO of Solera Holdings, Inc. and Jon Peters, retired finance and operations executive of Accredo Health Incorporated acquired the assets of Carson Rotisseries, Inc., a Memphis, TN-based company that specializes in portable, Brazilian-style, rotisserie grills and accessories.  The new ownership team has also entered into a strategic alliance with one of the world’s leading Brazilian-style barbecue equipment manufacturers.

Aquila and Peters’ newly formed venture, Epicoa, developed a recipe to significantly expand the grilling industry by marrying the Brazilian way of barbecuing with grilling cultures all over the world.  Epicoa’s products are designed to promote a health-conscious, highly sought epicurean lifestyle that promotes fellowship accompanied by an  open-air, laid-back atmosphere, and 5-star restaurant quality eats.  The concept is more than just the flavors and variety of the grilled fruits, vegetables, and meats; it is about the relaxed nature of the gathering and the ease with which the backyard grill master can interact with guests while easily and quickly preparing a gourmet feast.

Technology, unmatched health benefits, and extreme versatility are among the list of features that initially enticed Aquila and Peters to the deal, but after exploring the possibilities, they assembled the Epicoa team to revolutionize the grilling industry all together. “The sheer physics of Brazilian BBQ is undeniably the best way to barbecue, and the patent pending state of the art grilling product line we currently have in the works is noticeably evident of this,” states Aquila.

Blake Carson, founder of Carson Rotisseries, notes: “It is extremely exciting to take this next step and partner with such great forces.  We started Carson Rotisseries in my backyard shed just 3 years ago.  To see where we are headed now is truly remarkable!”  Carson Rotisseries had been searching for financial backing as demand quickly started outpacing operational capacity.  Two highly successful entrepreneurs, Aquila and Peters then stepped in to exponentially grow the concept in both the U.S. and abroad.

So, grill aficionados, weekend warriors, tailgaters, and gourmet chefs alike, we invite you to take this epic journey with us on an adventure that will most certainly be the biggest news in backyard barbecue since the discovery of fire!