Unpacking, Assembly, Disassembly

Your Epicoa Rotisseries Grill comes in a case, which opens by two latches in front. All components used for grilling are contained in the case. Take note of how the items are placed to aid in disassembly. Place the grill on a flat surface and unlatch. Open the grill and remove everything from the inside. You can use your Epicoa Rotisserie Grill either on a non-combustible table, without legs, or free standing with the legs installed.

Assembling your grill:

  1. To set the grill up to be free standing, first remove all the parts from inside the grill, then close it and fasten the front latches.
  2. Set the grill case in an upright position holding the handle with one hand while screwing in each leg to the bottom of the grill case.
  3. Once the grill is set up for use either on its legs or on a non-combustible table, release the latches and open the grill.
  4. Place the front windshield fitting into the top frame of the charcoal tray.
  5. Then, assemble the side supports by simultaneously sliding their ends into the hole on top of the front windshield edge and slots on the grill’s console.
  6. Assemble the top skewer support by inserting its ends into holes on the top of front windshield edges.
  7. Finally, install the two side windshields on their supports.

Lighting your grill:

  1. Once your Epicoa Rotisserie Grill is assembled, you will be able to light the fire. Put lump charcoal in the tray of the grill, but DO NOT exceed the maximum limit of five (5) pounds.
  2. Light up the fire following the instructions on the charcoal bag.
  3. Your grill is designed to operate either on AC power from an electrical outlet, power from battery pack, or power from a 12-volt automobile battery. Select the appropriate cord and adapter for the power source you intend to use. Your Epicoa Rotisserie Grill is now ready for use!

Cleaning your grill:

  1. To clean your Epicoa Rotisserie Grill, make sure the fire is completely extinguished and the equipment has cooled off before dumping the ashes and the remaining charcoal. Never use water to extinguish the fire as it may damage the unit.
  2. Remove all the windshields and supports from the grill.
  3. Use two skewer handles to lift out the charcoal tray, by screwing them into holes in the lateral frame of the tray.
  4. Hold handles firmly and pull tray up and out.
  5. Dump the ashes and residue into an appropriate receptacle, being certain that there are no live coals.
  6. To clean the grill, use either a wet cloth or a sponge with dish-washing liquid. Do not use any abrasive cleaning supply, as it will scratch the grill.
  7. Place the charcoal tray into the grill, laying it properly on its supports. Be sure it fits into place. Then, unscrew the handles.

Your grill is designed to be completely portable, and each piece of the grill assembly will neatly fit into the case if properly arranged in the way it was packed when you first opened the case. The Epicoa Rotisserie Grill should close without pressure. If not, do not force the lid shut. The accessories must be properly arranged to close the grill with no pressure. If you shut the lid with pressure, you risk damaging the accessories.